Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top Baby Items in Our House

Top 10 Baby Items Our Family Can’t Live Without (in no particular order)(pictures included are the ones we have!)

1) Bouncer Seat ($30-40)
We love the bouncer seat! Stella sits in it when Jason is studying in the office. We used it when we first started feeding her solids. We put her in it on the table while we are eating dinner (not recommended unless extremely careful). While folding laundry….whenever. She has loved that thing since she was really little, and still does!

2) Whale Tub ($20)
The. Best. Bathtub. Ever. Period. We love this tub because of the “speed bump” in the middle. It allows her not to slide down into the water and we don’t have to hold on to her during the whole bath. She loves it because she can wiggle around and be crazy and be all independent!

3) Pacifier Clips ($5)
Stella had this wonderful habit of spitting out her pacifier as a game when she was mad. Always when we were standing up so we had to keep bending over to get it. Once I had enough of this we got these clips. They come in great colors and designs and attach to clothes really well. Really great in the car when you are reaching into the backseat trying to find the pacifier in the carseat frantically while the baby screams her head off. You just find the cord and pull and….presto….easy find pacifier. No more panicking and pulling the car over. (PS we like these Avent Pacifiers too…she wouldn’t take any other ones)

4) Mem.bers Ma.rk Gentle Infant Formula ($19 for 48 oz!!!)
So some people may think we are horrible for giving our baby “horror” generic formula. Well let me say that Stella is slightly lactose intolerant and we tried all the brand name formulas and she was gassy and fussy all the time. I read reviews online that said this was a good one. I counldn’t believe you got 2x+ more formula for half the price of the brand names! Best part ever….Stella had no more gas…no more fuss. It works great. Has the exact same % of all the ingredients in the brand name stuff so why not?

5) Playmat with music and lights ($50)
This thing is a life-saver! We can put her on the playmat in the morning so we can get her breakfast ready and eat our breakfast. She loves the music and used to kick her legs like crazy to the beat when she was really little. Now she spends her time scooting herself around it in circles while she grabs and eats all of the hanging toys! Love this one specifically!

6) Wrap ($40)
As some of you may know, Stella was and still is and anti-nap baby. She loves to sleep at night, but naps….not so much. So this was a lifesaver for us when she was really little. I wore it while doing household chores and Jason wore it while studying an she would just fall right asleep and hang out with us while we got important stuff done!

7) Wireless Security Surveillance System ($70)
So I looked and looked at all of the “Video Baby Monitors” on the market. They were all so expensive ($200+) for the nice ones, and the reviews were just ok. So being the broke students we are we kept putting off buying a monitor. That is until I saw a deal on on a Uni.den Video Security Camera for $70! It had all the features of a baby monitor, plus a really nice big screen viewing monitor that wasn’t as bulky as the baby monitors. The sound is SUPER loud so we can even hear her breathing and there is no static at all!!! GREAT BUY!!!

8) Powdered Formula Dispenser ($6)
So we tried a few different brands of formula dispensers for the diaper bag and this is the only one that makes the cut. The Sassy one is annoying to use and gets all gunked up with formula and water. We love the Munchkin one!

9) Jogger Stroller ($120)
This stroller is a great buy. I didn’t realize how much nicer the jogger strollers move! We take this one on walks all over the place and it is great. Especially if Stella is crying because we can take her out and carry her and steer the stroller with one hand WAY easier then the travel system stroller! Thanks for the stroller Gramps and Nana!!!

10) Bab.ies R Us Brand Supreme Diapers ($25 for 120 diapers!)
At the baby shower we were lucky enough to get a million different packs of diapers! The great side of this is we could see which ones we liked the best! The Hug.gies and Pa.mpers worked well but they are so expensive! But we actually found the the B R Us brand work the best for us! She never pees or poops out of the diaper in these ones and they hold A LOT of Liquid. Best part…super cheap!

So sorry for the really long post, but there are a lot of preggos out there that are trying to figure out what things to buy. These are just our preferences, but all families are different!

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  1. Very helpful post for the future mommies! And I absolutely love that first pic of Stella!!!! She's so freakin cute!